Help! My IllumiBowl arrived broken or faulty! How do I get a replacement?

Send us an email at for a free replacement. Your IllumiBowl comes with a lifetime warranty.

Help! A suction cup won't stick. What can I do?

Run the faulty suction cup under hot water from the tap for 60 seconds (make sure the stream is gentle so as not to splash over the rest of the unit). This should help the suction cup to regain its form if warped. If it still won't stick after this, send an email to to receive a free replacement.  

Help! My Illumibowl turns on in the light when I first put batteries in! 

Your Illumibowl may first light up when you put batteries in, even in the light. The light should turn off after 2 minutes and only activate in the dark after that. 

Help! I noticed my Ship To address is incorrect!

If this happens please let us know as soon as possible and we will try to change it before it leaves our facility. You can email us at

Help! My Illumibowl is missing a suction cup!

Email us at and we will send you a replacement! In your email please include your shipping address, which suction cup you need and how many!